Iron Gate Art Open

18493848_10213723271535456_1916301276_oThe people of Donji Milanovac have the crazy luck to be living in one of the most beautiful places in Serbia, or dare we even say, Europe. Surrounded by untouched nature, on the shore of one of the greatest European rivers, our fellow citizens enjoy the specific climate, Danube gourmet specialties and spectacular sunsets in the Djerdap Gorge on daily basis. Realizing that our fair city of roses could be a perfect muse for a number of artists we have decided to invite them to revel in the outstanding nature with us and let loose their imagination.

And that is why, dear artists and filmmakers, Youth Initiative „ I Want! I Can!“ from Donji Milanovac, Serbia, has the great pleasure to invite you to take part in the first international short film festival „Iron Gate Art Open“ which will be held in Donji Milanovac from July 7th to July 9th 2017. We would be delighted to have you enjoy with us the nearly maritime atmosphere of hot July nigths on the Danube, great short films, forums and workshops. We hope to pique your imagination and spark your creativity with a photo tour through the biggest, and some would say most beautiful National park in Serbia, Djerdap National Park. Together with our Romanian partners, NGO „ Mod of Life“ we have arranged an enticing review program centered around the flooding of towns on both Danube shores as the result of building of the Djerdap dam in the seventies, with plenty more surprises.

You can find all the details about the propositions in the rules and regulations  of the festival.

“Iron Gate Art Open” is meant for all movie lovers, not only filmmakers. So, if you love short films, but you are not a filmmaker, or you do not want to take part in the competition, we would still be delighted to have you. We are sure you won’t regret time spent on the Danube shore watching the best films under starlight.

Official selection of the first international short film festival Iron Gate Art Open

1. Nikog nema / Nobody here
režija: Jelena Gavrliović
2. Svetski rekorderi / Backwards
Režija: Nikola Zdravković
3. Flafi / Fluffy
režija: Milica Lee Filipovski
4. Koga boli / Who gives
režija: Lenka Jovanovic
5. Provalnik– Ljubavnik / Burglar-Lover
Režija: Dušan Popović
6. Ferris Wheel
Režija: Duško Stanivuk
7. Fajront / Last call
režija: Milena Grujić
8. Život po Moskriju / Life after Moskri
režija: Goran Nikolić
9. Put zaKujumbu / To Kuyumba
Režija: Miroslav Savić
10. Chris / Kris
Režija: Raško Miljković


Deadline for application is June 25th 2017.

The number of films that apply for the competition is not limited.

If more than one film is applied, each of them should be accompanied by a separate  application form.

Films with a dialogue or narration which is not in English must have subtitles in English and a dialogue list.

Registered films cannot be withdrawn from the Festival.

Films may be presented at the invitation by the Organizer.

The application form ought to be accompanied by additional material, director`s photo (resolution of min 300dpi), at least two photos from the film (resolution at least 300dpi), dialogue list in English, synopsis of the film.

The sample of the film sent for the selection must be the final version of the film.

The film should be delivered in one of the digital format: HD, mp4, via online file transfer (wetransfer) to the electronic mail of the Festival: or in the DVD format, via post office to the address of the Organizer with a note: NO COMMERCIAL VALUE, FOR CULTURAL USES ONLY.

If you register/apply more than one film, each film should be on a separate disk or a separate file. You need to send an application from for every movie. The application form can be downloaded from Youth Initiative “I Want! I Can!” website –

If you are applying with several movies, each movie needs to be on a separate CD or a separate file and you need a separate application form for every movie.

Address of the Festivala :

Inicijativa mladih “Hoću! Mogu!” Donji Milanovac (Iron Gate Art Open)

Kralja Petra I, bb

19220 Donji Milanovac, Republika Srbija



All costs of registering/applying and sending the application form, other materials and samples of films for the selection are born by the sender.

The Organizer will not bear costs of receiving the application form and other materials, nor films sent for the selection COD.

The application form and other materials remain in the Festival archives.

The Organizer will not return selective film sample but will incorporate it in the Festival Video Library.

The Organizer will use the films exclusively in non-commercial and educational purposes

The Festival Jury will make the selection of the movies that will be screened on the Festival in the competition program.

The Organizer has the right not to accept the copy of a film due to bad technical qualities.