Holocaust in the Balkans- research, education, remembarance

Youth Initiative “I Want! I can!” will this year be a partner on a project funded by the “Europe for Citizens” once again. Together with good friends from Romania and Bulgaria, and new partners from Croatia, Macedonia and Greece we will implement “Holocaust – research, education, remembrance”. Through a series of public events in Romania Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Croatia and Greece, international experts will present and discuss shared European aspects of the Holocaust, Holocaust research, commemoration, teaching and learning about Holocaust, as well as current European challenges in facing intolerance, anti-Semitism, anti-Romanyism, xenophobia etc. In addition, a exhibition, and a set of educational materials and an online presentation will be produced, and presented at the events. This way the project will contribute to expand the view from local to European perspectives and further examine the Holocaust and its defining impact on the common European values in postwar Europe, including the current European challenges of intolerance, discrimination and raising anti-Semitism and anti-Romanyism.

“We are all Equal” preparatory meeting

Madrid, January 27-29th 2017 

Youth Initiative representatives Petar Jovanović and Marija Krečković attended the first preparatory meeting of the ongoing project “We are all Equal” in Madrid. Together with partners from “Mod of Life” from Romania, “Associazione III Millennio” from Italy, “Asociacion Mar Violeta” from Spain, “Associacao Spin” from Portugal and “Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley” from Bulgaria, we made plans and preparations to implement the project in our countries during the next year. With the assignments divided and plans set into motion, we used the time to connect and plan future endeavours with our colleagues. You can find more information about the project below, and on the project’s official Facebook page.

we are all equal 1we are all equal 2

The project ”All=” seek to promote tolerance, multicultural understanding, and to fight immigrant discrimination in Europe by an innovative approach that combine quantitative researches, meetings between different representatives, stakeholders, CSOs and citizens, fields visits, a training course on anti-discrimination and European awareness raising campaign.

In order to reach project goals the dialogue on strategies against racism is promoted and the partners jointly work on innovative good practice approaches.

Project objectives are:
1.To evaluate the types of discrimination faced by immigrants in Europe while exercising their civil rights, by conducting qualitative research among involved actors.
2. To involve representatives of the public institutions, NGOs, citizens in drafting policy recommendations and antidiscrimination measures.
3. To combate discrimination practices that target immigrants in 5 areas of civil rights: education, labor, housing, health, goods and services, through specific training offered to 24 participants of the project.
4. To raising awareness of public authorities, employers, the public and the immigrants regarding human rights and the discrimination by running an anti-discrimination campaign.

The Final Day of the Festival and the Closing Ceremony

After five exciting days, packed full with sports competitions, new friendships, field trips, parties and weather mishaps, we’ve once again come to the end of another Danube Fun Fest. After giving away of the diplomas, medals and awards to the best, and with a promise of seeing each other again next year, VIS Novi Dan and Piloti took the stage made sure we went out with a bang. See you next year in Donji Milanovac on Danube Fun Fest 2017!

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The Fourth Day of Danube Fun Fest

The weather still doesn’t want to cooperate with us – the wind is still blowing and the Danube waves are almost reaching an all-time-high – so once again, the beach that we have been so painstakingly preparing for weeks is unusable. Still, the sports competitions continued as planned, and the winners are:

Beach volley – girls:

I place – Majdanpek

II place – Lepice

III place – Mosna

Best player: Ana Marija Mikovic


Beach volley – boys:

I place – Ren i Stimpi

II place – Vukovi

III place – Boljetinski vitezovi

Best player: Mateja Milovanovic



I place – USJ Lebanon

II place – Klivlend

III place – Rouz

Best player – Farid Aboujaoude


Outdoor Futsal

I place – Uckuri

II place – USTHB Algeria

III place – Donji Milanovac

Best player: Bellehcene Samir


After the successful sports day DJ Groover and DJ Geo Da Silva made sure that everyone enjoyed themselves on one of the best parties ever! If you don’t believe it, check out the photos in our gallery and judge for yourself!

13937927_1811287812425936_1258314844861966578_o 13938143_1811458245742226_6743542517557385573_o 13938103_1811458152408902_107856956288894497_o 13937982_1811458215742229_1550345964395340722_o

Third Day of Danube Fun Fest 2016


This August 11th looked more like September 11th. The wind was strong, the temperatures were low enough for people to start wearing their jackets, the rain was tenacious and at times strong enough to mess up all of our plans. Beach volley and basketball tournaments had to be relocated,and Games Without Borders were canceled. However, competitors were patient and tolerant toward us organizers and the tournaments proceeded in order. We even got the first winners. Srđan Nikolić was the best at table tennis, Stefan Nikolić took the second place, and Velibor Đurić went home with the bronze medal. The rest of the competitors have another hard day of good sport ahead of them.

The September-like August unfortunately made us change the venue of the party. That didn’t prevent DJ Coa and the craziest hip-hop group in Serbia, Bad Copy, to make one heck of a party! The only thing we have left is to hope that weather tomorrow will start looking like it’s summer again.

13920124_10210806791305273_8745220476042494904_o 13919957_10210806793425326_8932768785069256643_o 13913798_1811287132426004_1259422464130257710_o 13909392_10210806793945339_3799629508074518737_o

The Second Day of Danube Fun Fest 2016


We started off the second day of the second Danube Fun Fest with the field trips to Rajko’s Cave, Lepenski vir archaeological site and a boat ride to Tabula Traiana; we wanted to show our guests the most beautiful parts of our region and to make the wish to come back again. In the afternoon hours on the stage at the Kapetan Misa Zdanje the participants from Romania, Slovenia, Russia and Serbia represented their countries through dance, poetry and music. Unfortunatelly wind and rain came together with the falling night, and the temperature fell dramatically, but that didn’t prevent DJ Zabac and DJ Igor to make phenomenal amtomsphere and a once-in-a-life-time party.

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Strap in, we are taking off!

After a whole year of reminiscing and retelling of stories from the first festival, last night, on the main stage in front of the pier we have open the second Danube Fun Fest. We have started the night off with the children’s choir „Dunavske devojcice“ which performed a part of their vast program under the watchful eye of their conducter Nenad Ilijic. Afterwards, together with our guests from Ageria, Liban, Germany, Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Macedonia and the sound of the real Serbian trumpet of the fantastic trumpet orchestra „Danijela“, we officially welcomed in the new chapter of

Nakon godinu dana iščekivanja i prepričavanja doživljaja sa prvog festivala, sinoć je konačno, na glavnom stejdžu kod gradskog pristaništa, otvoren drugi Danube Fun Fest. Predstavio nam se hor „Dunavske devojčice“ delom programa sa 37. TIN festivala, pod dirigentskom palicom Nenada Ilijića, a uz goste iz Alžira, Libana, Nemačke, Rumunije, Rusije, Bugarske, Slovenije, Makedonije i zvuke prave srpske trube fantastičnog trubačkog orkestra „Danijela“ zvanično smo otpočeli novo poglavlje naše Danube Fun Fest avanture. Veče će ostati upamćeno kao proslava novih prijateljstava, volonterizma i snage volje mladih u našoj zajednici. Nadamo se fer pleju, toleranciji, dobrom, čistom sportu i vrelim noćima muzike uz Dunav!

Adventure. The night will be remembered as a celebration of new friendships, volunteerism and might of young people in our community. We are hoping for days of fair-play, tolarence, good, cleam sport and hot nights of great music on the Danube!


„Hoću! Mogu!“ na Krovu svetu

Uz fantastičnog vodiča Džambasa iz Nacionalnog parka Đerdap, Inicijativci su prošetali lakom pešačkom stazom do Kovilova – Krova sveta. Budući da najveći deo naše sjajne ekipe nikada nije bio na ovom vidikovcu, odlučili smo da brže-bolje ispravimo taj previd. Ako već želimo da svojim gostima pokažemo najbolje delove našeg kraja, prvo mi sami moramo da ih upoznamo, zar ne? Na fotografijama možete videti koliko smo se lepo proveli, a pali su i dogovori za posete ostalim vidikovcima parka u bližoj budućnosti. Veliko hvala Džambasu koji je strpljivo odgovarao na naša pitanja, i proveo svoje nedeljno prepodne (a bogami i deo popodneva) sa nama.

I konačno – kancelarija


Pre nekih mesec dana Inicijativa mladih „Hoću! Mogu!“ proslavila je svoj drugi rođendan, ali poklon je malčice zakasnio. Sada, konačno, sa ponosom možemo reći da smo se skrasili u prostorijama Hostela „Trajan“, kojim ćemo i upravljati. Naša „deca“ su ozbiljno shvatila ovaj zadatak i važnost prostorija koje možemo zvati našim, pa su zasukali rukave i sredili čitav Hostel cakum-pakum. Prali su se prozori, čistilo dvorište, ribale staze, nameštali kreveti, sređivala bašta, ali i igrao se mali fudbal i „Ne ljuti se čoveče“, a na kraju dana organizovan je i roštilj i druženje kojim smo, sa malim zakašnjenjem, proslavili drugi rođendan i početak novih radnih pobeda!


Потпишан МЕМОРАНДУМ за соработка


Иако најчесто врските на две држави, на два народа, на два града започнуваат како по правило преку културата и културните манифестации, соработката на Велес и Долни Милановац започнува со соработка на младите.

Во периодот од 08.07 – 10.07.2016 година, делегација на Иницијативата за млади “Сакам! Можам!” од Долни Милановац Р.Србија беа во посета на Совет на млади и Општина Велес.DSC_1640


Контакти помеѓу ови младински тела траат веќе подолго време, во изминатиот период делегација на Совет на млади и Општина Велес беше во посета на Долни Милановац каде што разговараа за идни проекти и нивна соработка.

13620392_1756927207907088_7917402130327467583_n 13620902_1756927077907101_7557299772167265303_n






Токму затоа и МЕМОРАНДУМОТ ЗА СОРАБОТКА што го потпишаа е писмо на разбирање, меморандум што ја потврдува добрата волја како прави луѓе да ги отворат широко вратите за соработка и да градат меѓусебна доверба врз темелот на едно трајно пријателство.

Izvor: Совет на млади на Општина Велес