About us

The Youth Initiative “I Want! I Can!” was founded because three good friends were bored to tears. One night, while sipping juice boxes (that’s the official story and I’m is sticking to it) and arguing about important subjects (football, FC ”Porec” and the friendly rivalry between the citizens of Donji Milanovac i Majdanpek) they came to a conclusion that everyone’s become awfully lazy and that that’s the reason everyone (including them) is this bored.

“We could use more sports tournaments” someone said, “And it would be cool if we could hang out more and visit surrounding cities”.

“These kids today, they don’t know how to play outside, always on their computers” one of the twenty-something old-timers nagged.

“And what if we organized an international festival, with sports tournaments and parties and chilling on the beach? We could do short excursions and workshops, organize concerts and parties on the beach, with Algerians or Azerbaijanis or whoever! It would be such a blast; think of it – world in Donji Milanovac!”

And because they had nothing better to do, and these ideas sounded pretty sweet (some argue the influence of the juice boxes, but I maintain my previous position that I know nothing about it), the three friends founded the Youth Initiative “I want! I can!”. And trust me when I say, they hadn’t had a boring moment since!


How we fight the boredom

Boredom (lat. Calamitus catastrophus) is a dangerous monster which can appear anytime and everywhere. The symptoms include indifference, dumbness, lack of physical activities, Facebookmania and Instagramitis and hours of aimless binge watching of YouTube videos. Youth Initiative “I Want! I Can!” well aware of the disastrous consequences of this modern plague, regularly organizes various types of therapy and treatment in the form of workshops, trainings, courses, seminars and tournaments in the fields that are taking the worst toll: youth activism, culture, sports and recreation, ecology etc. We especially encourage youth exchange, volunteering and active participation in European lifestyles and partnerships, as to achieve our goal of extinguishing boredom everywhere.